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Ozark Cabins & Utilities

In the heart of Ozarks National Park, this history-rich project began in the spring of 2022. A feat that blended time-honored craftsmanship with modern ingenuity, Blinderman began renovating an office building, cabins, a dining lodge, and a laundry building originally built in the 1930s/1940s by the CCA (Civilian Corps of America) for the Department of the Interior. With the partnership of Anderson Hallas Architects and Otak Civil Engineering, this opportunity to refresh the weathered state of these buildings involved extensive work including the replacement of electrical fixtures, plumbing systems, doors, windows, and hardware. Interior and exterior finishes were also rehabilitated, and new safety features like HVAC systems, electric fireplaces, fire suppression, and fire alarm systems were installed. Echoing the beauty of the surrounding scenery, the site landscaping was revitalized with stone wall rebuilding, soft surface patios, new and rehabbed stone stairs, along with enhanced plantings around the buildings. 

This project also saw the replacement of thousands of feet of sanitary sewer lines and rehabilitating existing sanitary lift stations. Next, upgrades were made to the site's utility electrical infrastructure to support the new systems, and underground water mains, supply pump, and gravity storage tank servicing the park and maintenance buildings were replaced. Additionally, the existing storm sewer infrastructure was rehabilitated and replaced to ensure efficient drainage within the park. 

Blinderman's unparalleled expertise, decades of experience, and dedication to our client’s best interest has led to a rejuvenated and contemporary park environment, ultimately safeguarding the park's historical importance while elevating its allure.  


Ozark National Park


National Park Service - Department of Interior






14,500 SF

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