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Fort Riley - Building 404

This contract aimed to rejuvenate Building 404, a significant historical structure within the Fort Riley Main Post National Register Historic District. The 1st Infantry Division as well as National Guard and Reserve units from several states use the modern training facilities at Fort Riley to gain skills necessary to defend our nation.

Renovation services encompassed the replacement of all existing systems, including mechanical, electrical, communications, security, fire, and life safety. A meticulous architectural overhaul was also executed to realign the layout, adhering to the current barracks 4 plus 2 standards, tailored to accommodate personnel ranging from E-1s through E-5s. Special emphasis was placed on the repair and restoration of the historic wood windows, ensuring the preservation of the building’s distinctive character. 

The exterior rehabilitation included limestone masonry patching/repairs, repointing, concrete spall repairs, and similar restorative actions. These endeavors were in line with the overarching challenge of modernizing a centennial structure while preserving its historical essence. 

The project is not only a testament to engineering ingenuity and construction innovation but also a commitment to providing a state-of-the-art facility that honors the military’s legacy and serves its present and future needs. Through this collaboration between Blinderman Construction and the U.S. Army, Building 404 will stand as a source of pride for both entities for another century to come. 


Fort Riley, KS








35,700 SF

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