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Travelator Removal

Deceptively simple in concept, these type of phased renovations affecting the main pedestrian traffic flow of the busiest terminal at one of the world’s busiest airports pose many logistical challenges.

The scope of work involved demolition of the existing conveyor mechanized walkways and the subsequent restoration to the site with geofoam infill, concrete overlay, and installation of terrazzo flooring finished to match the existing terminal floor finish and pattern.

Protecting the safety of the general public and crew, while minimizing impact on travelers and day-to-day terminal operations, and maintaining project schedule and budget requirements can only be accomplished with intense collaboration, preplanning, and dedicated construction management. The Blinderman team worked together with United to develop detailed plans to managed crucial issues such as waste removal, material delivery and laydown, dust and dirt control, noise control and air quality control to diminish or eliminate any negative consequences to the general public and airport operations.


O’Hare International Airport


United Airlines


$1.8M (Terminal 1-B Project) / $409K (Terminal 1-C Project)


Complex Occupied Renovation




T1-B Project – 180' Long Conveyor T1-C Project – 500' Long Conveyor

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