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Aspire Center for Workplace Innovation

The Aspire Center is a collaboration between Austin Coming Together (ACT) and the Westside Health Authority (WHA) in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood.

 This collaborative effort is more than just a physical space; it is a manifestation of a shared commitment to uplifting the Austin neighborhood in Chicago.

Years in the making, the Aspire Center is not merely a hub for workforce training programs; it is a living embodiment of community involvement. By joining forces, ACT and WHA aim to address the pressing issues faced by dislocated workers in the neighborhood. These individuals face challenges of escalating costs of living, limited educational opportunities, and the realities of unemployment.

The project is a redevelopment of the vacant Robert Emmet Elementary School, and encompasses the complete overhaul of the current structure, and the construction of a brand-new, contemporary structure. The new building will be a 3-story 78,000 square foot facility.

The first and second floors are designed for designated tenants while the third floor will be a ‘vanilla box’ awaiting future tenants on a build-to-suit basis. The structure will host a range of essential amenities and services aimed at fostering individual growth and community prosperity. These include a cutting-edge workforce training and career development center, a manufacturing training center, financial services, retail spaces, a community plaza, and a parking facility.

The project, which began in the Spring of 2023 is scheduled to be finished by Fall of 2024.

The heart of the Aspire Center beats with a focus on community engagement, recognizing that true transformation comes from the active participation of the people it serves. It is not just a resource center; it is a rallying point for the collective strength and resilience of the Austin community.


Chicago, IL


Westside Health Authority




CM at Risk


84,770 SF

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