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McCormick Place Station Platform Level Enhancements

The renovation of the McCormick Place Station on Metra’s Electric District (MED) line scope of work included new suspended architectural ceiling over the stairway and platform level, wall and column surfaces, storefront glazing, doors, windbreak enclosures with on demand heaters, benches, ADA guardrails and handrails, small size concrete stairs, and platform and stair surface upgrade. Renovation also included new illuminated art frames to be installed on crash walls located outside the platform level on both sides of the tracks, lighting, and signage upgrades. Lighting upgrades included new LED lighting over the stairway and partial platform lighting, both incorporated into the suspended ceilings.  

The project’s greatest challenge was coordinating wall panels and ceiling system changes throughout the project. In the permitting process with the city, the project architect was required to change the type of wall panels and the definition of the space. Blinderman provided smart solutions to the structural issue, by bringing on a Structural Engineer and working hand in hand with 555 international to revise their designed ceiling system during installation.


Chicago, IL




Complex Renovation

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