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Naval Station Great Lakes - Waterfront Repairs

This waterfront job at Naval Station Great Lakes was performed as part of Blinderman Contruction’s Joint Venture with JADE Carpentry.

The project saw the addition of a structural topping to an existing pier, creating an 800-foot extension into Lake Michigan. The Blinderman Concrete team repaired the side support walls and pilaster caps, and then placed a structural topping slab across the entire pier. Additionally, the project team was tasked with stabilizing six sinkholes along two bulkheads, resurfacing 8,600 square feet of concrete deck to minimize tripping hazards, as well as removing and replacing a 10-foot portion of wood fender board at the top of one of the pier berthings, where the top of the aluminum ramp was attached.  

One of the most integral components of this jobs was to ensure that all work throughout the project duration was adherent to the Illinois Administration Code’s Regulations of Public Waters rules, as well as all specifications outlined by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The project team implemented a proactive approach to handling all demolition and construction debris through the use of a HEPA vacuum collection system, silt curtains and netting to collect debris, and waterproof coverings to protect all materials during all rain events.


Great Lakes, IL


Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command


Concrete Repairs

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