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Douglas Park Facility Rehabilitation

This rehabilitation project at Douglas Park included full replacement of two mansard roofs—including select gypsum deck replacement—as well as select limestone repairs, patching, and brick replacement.

Additionally, site work included the replacement of a 60-foot section of sanitary sewer. The Blinderman Concrete Division reconstructed a new main staircase, which included the team’s electrician replacing conduit and three light fixtures in each tunnel leading to the pool; new decorative metal railings; and shoring each tunnel to the pool, for concrete replacement over the tunnels. Other select stair replacements included two smaller staircases and replacing approximately 70 feet of the southwest veranda by chipping away dilapidated concrete, installing new rebar, and pouring new concrete. The veranda work also included removing and replacing the existing railing. About 95% of the work was exterior renovation, with the remaining interior work focused on installing an automatic door operator at the front entrance, selecting conduit painting, crack injection in the basement wall to prevent future water seepage, and one lintel replacement in the basement door leading out to the pool.


Chicago, IL


Chicago Park District / Public Building Commission


Concrete Renovation

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