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Kareem Abes

Project Manager


As a Project Manager, Kareem spends his time overseeing projects, hiring and approving work completed by subcontractors, negotiating contracts, and developing a budget and a timeline for project completion. He also works as a liaison between the construction team, architects, designers and the owners and stakeholders of the project to facilitate seamless communication, decision-making and pro-active problem-solving.


  • B.S., Civil Engineering
    Illinois Institute of Technology
  • OHSA 30-hour

Things you should know about Kareem Abes
  • Best career advice Kareem has ever received: "Write everything down... cross your T's and dot your I's."
  • If Kareem could go anywhere in the world, he would visit Bears Ears National Monument in Utah.
  • Kareem is most proud of the diversity of his upbringing.

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